Construcción de entornos personales de aprendizaje mediante el uso de una red social

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

Construction of Personal Learning Environments Through Use of a Social Networks

Raymundo Fernando Contreras Mendoza
Bachillerato en línea
Universidad Autónoma de Yucatán


The development of technological tools, in recent days, has had an impact in various aspects of our daily lives, including education. Social networks have permeated every corner in the life of users, connecting today with an increasingly larger number of applications and becoming the operations’ hub of a network user.

These social networks contain various tools for its users. One of them are groups that bring together diverse individuals who share personal interests and may be used by teachers as a communication channel.

The aforementioned groups, thanks to features that have been added over time, possess suitable characteristics to be used as Personal Learning Environment (PLE). This paper, on the one hand, brings the reader closer to the concept of personal learning environment, through collecting definitions provided by various authors, and on the other, presents a communication strategy between teacher and students, by exploring the social network features and applications compatible with it.

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