El modelo de bachillerato a distancia del Instituto Politécnico Nacional: una experiencia en marcha

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The Instituto Politecnico Nacional Distance Baccalaureate Model:
a Running Experience

Mónica Rocío Torres León
Directora de la Unidad Politécnica para la Educación Virtual
Instituto Politécnico Nacional

Cecilia López Enríquez
Subdirectora de Planeación y Evaluación de la Educación Virtual
Instituto Politécnico Nacional

Rocío Esparza Salinas
Jefa del departamento de Investigación e Innovación
Instituto Politécnico Nacional


This article gives an account of the high school distance education model at the Instituto Politecnico Nacional. It highlights its bivalent character curriculum and its pedagogical flexibility proposal, which offers students to attend high school level without space or time limitations and finish with possibilities of employment. It describes the pedagogical, technological and management features of the educational model, showing the quality and relevance of its online programs. It also notes the progress achieved after five years into the project, in terms of regulations, online teaching and technology resources.

Keywords: Baccalaureate, Distance Education, Educational Technology,
Distance Education Model