Virtualidad y brecha digital de segundo nivel. La responsabilidad docente frente a la división de clases intelectuales

Artículo por invitación

Virtuality and Second-Level Digital Divide.
Teaching Responsibility Facing the Division of Intellectual Classes

José Luis Córica
Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Hidalgo


This article analyzes the relationship between virtuality, the digital divide and the increasing division of intellectual classes in new generations due to second-level digital divide. It studies how technology helped shape generations, analyzing notable elements of worldviews of each one in relation to media that was native to each generation. The possible social physiognomy of “new rich” and “new poor” resulting from the second-level digital divide is described, postulating the role of virtual education in its construction and as a key tool to break the vicious circle that ensures teacher training in last century’s education and then convert their practices facing the 21st century. Finally the paper analyzes the phenomenon of potentially harmful intellectual anchor resulting from the use of “smart” technologies in Internet search engines, which tend to “learn” by systematically offering similar intellectual level content to that we historically select.

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