Una experiencia de inclusión social y educativa

Visión internacional

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An Experience of Social and Educational Inclusion

Clara Esperanza Pedraza Goyeneche
Decana Escuela Ciencias de la Educación
Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia Colombia


The text describes one of the significant experiences that the Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia of Colombia is undertaking with the incorporation of information and communication technologies, from the National Continuing Education System. This is constituted in an inclusive mode that allows facing the challenges that people demand in different contexts, presenting an alternative to the problem of access to primary and secondary education. Educational action is articulated at different levels of training, from literacy, elementary and secondary education, education for work and human development, continuing education and higher education to postgraduate education, consolidating the training chain in an integrated global vision, within the systemic harmonization of the entire academic community.

Keywords: Distance education, Secondary Education, UNAD (Universidad Nacional Abierta
y a Distancia), Permanent Education, Inclusion, Flexible Models