Tecnología para el aprendizaje a través de tres generaciones de pedagogía a distancia mediada por tecnología

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Learning Technology through Three Generations of Technology Enhanced Distance Education Pedagogy • Terry Anderson and Jon Dron


This article expands on an earlier work, Three generations of distance education pedagogy (Anderson & Dron, 2011) and then details the technologies and the synergetic results of use of effective pedagogy in combination with emerging technologies – to create powerful learning opportunities. Unlike earlier classifications of distance education based on the technology used alone, this analysis focuses on the pedagogy that defines the learning experiences encapsulated in the learning and instructional designs. The three generations of technology enhanced teaching are cognitive/behavioural, social constructivist and connectivist. The article looks at recent developments in emerging educational technology and discusses the way these tools can be used and optimized to enhance the different types of learning that are the focus of distance education theory and practice.

Key words: cognitive/behavioural, social constructivist, connectivist, generations of distance education pedagogy, learning technology