STEPS: propuesta de un modelo para la tutoría en línea

Reflexiones académicas

STEPS: A Proposal for a Model of Online Tutoring

Rita Villanueva

Bachillerato a Distancia B@UNAM
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


It’s important that the tutor is aware of the areas, in which he or she should intervene, as well as, the form to do it, in order to fulfill the aims. Tutor supervision is an activity to be performed, as to support and guide, students and advisors development with regard to different academic activities of the courses.
The tutor should constantly communicate with the students and advisors using the different tools that are offered through this learning mode: messenger, forum, chat, video chats and even, telephone. This will enable timely intervention that will directly improve students’ performance. Communication should be handled based on an outlined I’ve called STEPS that enriches different activities of the academic life by allowing proper feedback between students and advisors. The details of the outline are shown in this article. It’s suggested to be carried out by the distance learning high schools of the UNAM (B@UNAM)

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