SEP-Prepárate: lecciones aprendidas con adolescentes en EMS a Distancia

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

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SEP Prepárate: Lessons learned with adolescents in distance high school education Guadalupe Vadillo Bueno y Carmen Villatoro Alvaradejo


This text presents useful strategies to foster greater retention and learning outcomes of teenage learners in an online program. These strategies derive from the experience of two classes of the program SEP-Prepárate. They include: having an extracurricular activity, an induction program for students and their parents, freedom to express themselves, consistent work of counselors to solve psycho-educational issues, focus of academic tutors on learning and not on grades, informative sessions for parents on the performance of their children and the possibility to study for a second time courses with failing grades (instead of presenting another exam).

Keywords: adolescence, SEP-Preparate, strategies, academic success.