Red de Bachilleratos Universitarios Públicos a Distancia. Experiencias de inclusión y responsabilidad social

Proyectos y programas

Public University High Schools Network on Distance Learning. Nonexclusive Education and Social Responsibility

Rosa Marcela Ochoa Reynoso

Coordinadora del Bachillerato del Sistema de Universidad Virtual
Universidad de Guadalajara (UdeG)

Araceli Torres Domínguez

Coordinadora del Bachillerato Virtual
Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa (UAS)


Learning programs that offer distance learning modes represent a nonexclusive option, since they allow students to study from anywhere at any time. All the students that were unable to find a place in other institutions can treasure distance learning as an option that adapts better to their life circumstances. In this article we present several examples of nonexclusive education and social responsibility, carried out through the Public University High Schools Network that share common ground with Higher Education Distance Learning (ECOESAD). We present some of the tasks we performed, as well as, the challenges we undertook in order to make our universities real nonexclusive institutions.

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