Recursos de aprendizaje en el Bachillerato General por Áreas Interdisciplinarias

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Learning Resources at the Bachillerato General
por Áreas Interdisciplinarias (BGAI)

Enriqueta Gómez Angulo
Colaboradora de Dirección de Educación Continua y a Distancia
Sistema de Educación Media Superior, Universidad de Guadalajara


This paper is about the different educational modalities offered in Sistema de Educación Media Superior of the Universidad de Guadalajara, demand access to multimedia instructional resources to support student work and a specific action, highlighting the application of ICT and technologies for Learning and Knowledge. From students to accumulate knowledge, pass exams, but fail to mobilize these collections in situations of life, at work and outside (in the family, the city, leisure, etc.) creates the need working on the transfer and mobilization of skills and knowledge. This takes time, educational efforts and appropriate learning situations.

Keywords: Learning Resources, BGAI, TIC, Learning Strategies