Prepárate Rural: El Bachillerato a Distancia de la UNAM como opción para el campo

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

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Prepárate Rural: UNAM’s Virtual High School as an option for the countryside • Guadalupe Vadillo Bueno y Mónica Aurora García Hernández


In this article we present the experience and lessons learned from Prepárate Rural. This pilot project constitutes the first virtual high school program specifically used for students living in the countryside. It recently concluded with a successful graduation rate of 38.5% of students in the allotted time (2.4 years).

We faced some important problems in two areas: lack of connectivity in faraway communities and lack of stability in the program, for students were community instructors of Consejo Nacional de Fomento Educativo (Conafe), where there is a high rate of turn over among these social service providers. Due to its results, this program constitutes a solution in two levels: to address the community instructors’ training at the high school level as well as to contribute, in general,  to the secondary schooling of teenagers and adults in the countryside.

Keywords: distance education, rural communities, pilot program