“Prepa en Línea—SEP”, un servicio innovador

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“Prepa en Línea-SEP”: An Innovative Service

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Coordinador Prepa en Línea—SEP


This paper explores the essential features of the Online Baccalaureate National Service, known as Prepa en Línea-SEP, created by the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) in September 2014.
This service has enriched the educational offering of high school education and represents a viable and innovative alternative for those who wish to study and conclude this level of education.
Today, Prepa en Línea—SEP is the largest online baccalaureate public service in the country, with around 50,000 students. It achieved that scale just in its first year of operation. This service is known for having a successful care model, which creatively articulates a technological model, quality assurance and evaluation, among others. Its importance is beyond doubt, especially in a country that aspires to universalize this level in the medium term. Hence the need to review in detail the features and main innovations of this service.

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