Percepción del estudiante respecto del desempeño de un docente en línea

Reflexiones académicas

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Student’s perception about the performance of a teacher online Ma. de Lourdes Hernández Aguilar*

We present the results of perception of online students about the support provided by teachers, in order to identify if teachers intervention is the predominant factor of satisfaction during the online students learning process. This in order to justify the need for different teaching models, which constitute the central theme of the doctoral thesis entitled "Tutorials Models in Distance Education through Information Technology and Communication: teaching-tutor tasks.

The study was conducted primarily with high school students and Graduate Virtual students of the Virtual University System, with a mixed and descriptive methodological approach that allowed us to know the main reasons for student satisfaction or dissatisfaction about the performance of teachers.

Keywords: counselor, tutor, distance education, online education, teacher performance, online student satisfaction.