Origen, incremento y mantenimiento de la exclusión de jóvenes en la EMS y estrategias para superarla

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Exclusion at the high school level: its origin, growth and preservation. Strategies to solve it Manuel Ulloa Herrero


The author presents an analysis of high school in Mexico over a period of 60 years, as well as the shortcomings to address the needs of several groups that have not been served in this educational level.

This study provides insights dealing with: population density, analysis of youth between ages 15 and19, school offerings for this group, the education reform launched during the administration of former President Luis Echeverria and the policy continuity along subsequent presidential periods. In addition, it also presents the evolution of enrollment figures per type of schooling offerings, the creation of new institutions, its policies, its impact and the main causes that have led teenagers to the exclusion of education at the high school level. It also poses the question of adults without this educational level that have not been properly served.

The author concludes that in order for high school to be inclusive, distance programs should be considered as strategic solutions to this problem.