Onlife Manifesto and Digital Ethics

Artículo por invitación

Onlife Manifesto and Digital Ethics

Dr. Xicoténcatl Martínez Ruiz
Coordinador de Sistemas académicos
de la Secretaría Académica del IPN


The purpose of this paper lies in the question: What criteria allow us to analyze and understand the ethical, legal and social implications that technological innovations and hyperconnectivity have had in distance learning? Answering this question entails identifying and discussing some of the educational challenges that have ensued from the development of digital innovations, starting with the Onlife Manifesto as a reference and conceptualization framework to identify ethical, legal and social issues that impact education and human relations. Lastly, we suggest the need for digital ethics and specific implementation practices which we call skills of the 21st century.

Keywords: ; ; ; ;

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