Las posibilidades pedagógicas que ofrecen el diseño y la tecnología. Experiencia de éxito en su gestión

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

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The Pedagogical Possibilities that Design and Technology have to Offer: A Succesful Management Experience • Laura Rebeca Favela Gavía


The author participated as content developer and distant learning advisor for B@UNAM. From this perspective, she describes the resources that, according to her, have conformed the exact recipe for the successful management of the program. She refers to the formative value in: a) the desire of students to learn and of teachers to reach their academic goal; b) the study habits that teachers can help students develop so that they take root; and c) building new knowledge that will help clear the way towards success in students’ lives.

Key words: brainwork, distance learning high school, interdisciplinary, commitment, wish, habit, study method, self-estee.