La tutoría en el bachillerato de la UVEG: Indagaciones y descubrimientos para el acompañamiento óptimo del estudiante

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

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Counceling in high school of UVEG: investigations and findings for optimal student support • Pablo Misael Luna Dávila


The following article documents the educational practice that can be identified among different the key UVEG actors, especially the work done by the tutor as an agent that generates multiple dimensions which eventhou they can´t be measured quantitatively, not with standing represent an accompaniment for the student.

The document also present the first output of the student tracking system as it was applied to the software along with improvements made the tutoring process as a result of the programs operation. The document states the way the system has been adapted to the emergent needs of the educational online model.

Key words: Tutoring, student, learning, tecnology, educational management.