La formación docente y el uso de las tecnologías de información y comunicación como propuesta para cambiar las prácticas cotidianas tradicionales: una reflexión

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Teacher Training and the Use of Information and Communication Technology as a Proposal to Change Usual Practices in Education: A Reflection Martha Diana Bosco Hernández


Teacher training demands the necessary preparation and updating of those involved in the teaching process, given the actions and functions involved in daily work in different classrooms or online. That is why teachers have to be organized in what they are doing, and have to start by joining all the elements and didactic actions. All these elements have to be studied on the basis of the reflection about the action with the appropriate use of information and communication technology (ICT), in order to generate interaction and interactivity among educators, to build educational dialogue, thereby encouraging the use of available didactic technological tools.

Keywords: teaching training, ICT, technology and pedagogy, reflection in the action, traditional education, open education, distance education