La educación a distancia como estrategia de inclusión social y educativa

Visión internacional

Distance education as a strategy for social inclusion and education

Julio Cabero-Almenara
Universidad de Sevilla (España)


The social image that we had about of distance education, has seen renovated in recent times and begging to conceived with a great potential education to look after the training needs that knowledge society wait. They presenter itself as strategy with true opportunities for favour inclusive education, so, the promotion of education for all and speciality for the more vulnerable groups (disables, ethnic groups, people private of freedom…) Circumstance that more increasingly by the information and communication technology presence bee have in them, creating interactive friendly and flexible environments. But if the distance education can more easy inclusive education, could give exclusion too, if not make reflections by their empowerment, like to invest more in teacher training, develop systems to improve the material production, democratization the access to ICT and promote research

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