La construcción de una experiencia: reprogramación y humanización de la plataforma

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The Construction of an Experience:
Reprogramming and Humanizing the Platform

Rafael Santos Cenobio
Profesor del Sistema UASVirtual


This work has motivation and emotions as cornerstones. No doubt they are closely related, but I separate them for analytical purposes. The first is a core element that appears in the text, which I have tried to apply to my Bachillerato Virtual class at the Universidad Autónoma de SInaloa. Emotions to me are an essential component in education, because through them you perceive the student’s situation, which positively or negatively affects academic work. In sum, the work seeks to observe the platform as a public space where one can question, refute and set emotions into motion.

Keywords: Motivation, Emotions, Reprogramming, Humanization, Experience