Introducing teachers to a blended learning high school program (BGAI)

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

Introducing teachers to a blended learning high school program (BGAI)

Mtra. Delia Patricia Pérez Márquez
Universidad de Guadalajara


The High School program for Interdisciplinary Areas offered by the University of Guadalajara is a blended learning course available in 25 schools in the state of Jalisco, which implies the presence of an ever increasing staff of teachers that are continuously joining this program.

The change of paradigms that comes with a formal education that utilizes both the traditional classroom and virtual environments, emphasizes how important it is to have a training course for those interested in serving as teachers in this educational program; we accomplish this process with the “Induction Course for Teachers” which provides an introduction to the blended learning experience and how it works, as well as to its normative and theoretical fundamentals. The goal of this course is to form teachers able to provide a solid presence in the classroom (traditional and virtual) and to exhibit the necessary mastery of the technologies needed to help students achieve academic competence.

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