Internacionalización comprehensiva: Conciencia de la propia cultura y la de los demás. Entrevista a la doctora Jocelyne Gacel-Ávila

Visión internacional

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Comprehensive Internationalization: Own culture awareness and the other. Interview to Dr. Jocelyne Gacel-Avila Mónica Zuazua


This article follows from an interview with Dr. Jocelyne Gacel-Ávila in which he shares his knowledge of the changes made in education in the last 15 years, the effect of the growing phenomenon of globalization, which is now a worldwide trend in this regard: "The Internationalization of High School."

He explains to us what are the benefits of acquiring a global awareness through knowledge between nations, as the development of intercultural communication skills and the ability to work in multicultural teams.

Also, shares his view on the situation in Mexico about the internationalization of education at high school level and with the Reform of School Education, the importance of building skills not only at the national level and the contributions of the distance education in this area.

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