Influencia de los estilos de aprendizaje y la autorregulación en el rendimiento escolar de los alumnos del Bachillerato a Distancia del Estado de México

Reflexiones académicas

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Influence of learning styles and self-regulation in academic performance of students in the High School Distance of Mexico State Lilia  García Salas y  Juan Carlos Ortega Massé


Education methods in the teaching-learning process have changed, coupled with this, the use of new technologies to support the educational field has generated changes in educational paradigms, conceptualizing students with different characteristics and skills in the process. Spoke different social and personal factors in the past should be noted that the student has several study strategies influenced by the styles of learning and self-regulatory capacity to generate a meaningful education. This study aimed to identify the relationship between learning styles and self-regulation in academic performance of students who are in the distance mode of middle level education in the University of Mexico State Digital, Center for Assistance and Evaluation 09 "San Pedro Xalostoc" of the municipality of. The results demonstrate a correlation between self-regulation strategies and performance, not between learning styles and performance, and looming not as significant differences between sexes. Concluding that students have clearer and better self-regulation strategies will have greater academic achievement, and thus a significant learning skills.

Key words: High School at a distance, self-regulation, learning styles, performance.