Hacia un código de ética para la educación virtual, basado en las cinco mentes del futuro

Reflexiones académicas

Towards an Ethics Code for Virtual Education,
Based on The Five Minds for the Future

Eduardo Martínez Negrete
Profesor de Tiempo Completo en la División Académica Económico Administrativa,
Universidad Virtual del Estado de Guanajuato


Some virtual education institutions are searching the way to make sure that students, as well as teachers, develop ethic values in order to enable the teaching–learning process in an environment where values, such as honesty, responsibility, fellowship, and respect, among others, be practiced as a part of their lives. However, most of the virtual education institutions are focused on more legal, normative or regulatory aspects than formative. Fortunately there are some very interesting proposals, such as Ruth Camuse, who is a Master´s degree student at the Wilkes University (located in the United States), she has a proposal for an innovative code of ethics, based on the Howard Gardner theory about the five minds for the future, which tell about the expected behaviors in both teachers and students to develop those five minds in virtual learning environments.

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