El error como oportunidad para reflexionar y tomar decisiones asertivas en el aprendizaje de las matemáticas

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Mistakes as an Opportunity to Ponder and Take Assertive Decisions When Learning Mathematics

Faustino Vizcarra Parra

faustinovizcarra@uas.edu.mx Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa

Saúl Alejandro Gómez Santos

Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa


Using mistakes as a strategy for learning mathematics is considered an opportunity, to question and ponder about the students’ strengths and weaknesses, when solving problems that will also help them to make responsible decisions. Through MOODLE lessons and activities, the students face different problematic situations within a variety of contexts. This situations are to be dissected in order to be solved, which leads the students to ponder on the common mistakes they tend to make, when developing mathematic procedures, or due to lack of comprehension of the mathematic aim and its definition. It is very important for students to receive feedback regarding their mistakes, since it leads them to question their knowledge, and invites them to reflect and correct their mental structures; that’s to say, feedback prompts them to learn through cognitive conflict. Then, students can optimize their performance, as they solve a mathematical problem within an engineering, social, economic and cultural context. Besides, it also prepares them to be active and critic members of a democracy, and work to solve problems that would make this world better.

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