El uso de las TIC´s en EMS. Visión de un grupo de profesores-estudiantes

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

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The use of TICS in high school. Vision of a group of teachers completing in-service training • Mario Muñoz Urías


This article expresses ideas related to the use of TICS in programs for professors who study the UPN specialty program on Teacher Competencies for high school education. An analysis was effected using these categories: on-line course experience, the use of TICS in education, risks and problems in the use of TICS, backwardness and delay in the educational system, teacher training in TIC’s,  and  technological policies with social implications. The conclusion was that the use of technology such as the computer and the TICS does not guarantee success; these tools should be put to intelligent use.  If not, they may render inequity among school communities, benefiting only those which have access and economic resources to employ them.

Key words: TICS, TIC use, teacher training, high school education.