El sistema “Exámenes de diagnóstico y de autoevaluación y estudio de asignaturas del bachillerato de la UNAM”

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The system of diagnostic tests and self-assessment and study tolos for high school courses at UNAM Rosamaría Valle


The system "Diagnostic tests and self-assessment and study tolos for high school courses at UNAM" in 2009 comprises three modules: administration, diagnostic tests, and self-evaluation and study. The former manages the information needed to operate the other two modules.  It manages user access, saves the information the create, and generates tests and statistical reports. The second one develops tests and is aimed at UNAM’s high school teachers, who in data centers of its school students can apply to their examination of the subject who want to evaluate, and the third contains lessons with interactive exercises and self-assessment items.

The objectives of the "diagnostic tests" module are: a) providing high school teachers an online tool for learning diagnostic tests the achievements of their students at the end of the teaching of one or more units or entire course, to holding information to plan actions to improve learning, and b) provide students with a diagnosis of the degree of mastery of a given subject in order to know which topics should devote more study to the module which is available "Self-study". The latter aims to provide students with: a) an online tool to know their level of mastery of a given subject topics and corresponding learning outcomes, and b) the themes lessons with interactive exercises and self-assessment. The experience of students and teachers who have used the system shows that the modules are useful for the purpose for which they were created. The system would undoubtedly be improved to the extent that teachers and students, based on their experiences, provide recommendations.

Keywords: self-examinations, diagnosis, online assessment, high school