El perfil de los egresados del Bachillerato a Distancia Generaciones 2008-1 y 2008-2

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

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The Profile of Distance Learning High School Graduates, Classes of 2008-1 and 2008-2 • Edvard Ulises Arenas Espinosa


This essay presents the results of a follow-up investigation on the first 160 Distance Learning High School graduates of the Secretaría de Education del Gobierno del Distrito Federal (Secretariat of Public Education for the Federal District Government, SEDF) program. Since it is a first approximation to this line of inquiry a question arises: What’s the graduate’s profile? In order to answer this a survey was carried out among them, which helps infer that, for the most part, they are young and mature adults who have found an alternative, in Distance Learning High School, for continuing their studies and being better prepared professionaly and for work.

Key words: curriculum, distance learning high school, education, graduate, profile, quality.