El pensamiento crítico ¿Una forma de generar nuevas ideas o un proceso para analizar diversas ideas?

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

Critical Thinking:
A Way to Generate New Ideas
or Processes to Analyze Various Ideas

Silvia Andreli Díaz Navarro
Enlace Docente del Departamento de Desarrollo Académico
Instituto Tecnológico Superior P’urhépecha

Luis Gabriel Mateo Mejía
Docente de Apoyo en Educación a Distancia
Instituto Tecnológico Superior P’urhépecha


Critical thinking is a process of reflection present in the lives of human beings, mainly related to decision-making. It is based on the educational process, since it is here that the foundation is laid to promote this way of thinking in a formal way. It is important to mention the role the teacher plays in the classroom or managing an online course: he/she is always a motivator, the promoter agent of reflective questions in the classroom or virtual learning environment. Meanwhile, the student, taking on his role as a builder of ideas, thinking and questioning about learning content; closes the training circuit and generation of critical thinking. Critical thinking, in short, integrates strategies and techniques from the course and from student activities, to detonate in intelligence, the habit of systematic questioning and self-managed learning.

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