El Binomio del asesor-alumno y las competencias requeridas para trabajar en línea

Reflexiones académicas

The Advisor-Student Binomial and Skills Required to Work Online

Octavio Reyes López
Profesor de Tiempo Completo, Dirección de Investigación y Posgrado,
Universidad Virtual del Estado de Guanajuato


It is highly recommended in virtual learning environments to associate the concepts of teacher and student skills, under which there is a strong complementary relationship where some explain and contribute to the understanding of its counterpart. While there are self-taught students, a tutor who acts as teacher supports them, or else they use the tutorial developed by an instructional designer. Although there is a distinguishing feature for both profiles: their capacity for self-management and constant motivation for learning new concepts.

This paper reports a conceptual approach, through which we went in depth with a longitudinal study, to continue analyzing the binomial representing teachers and students in order to identify and conceptualize the skills required to work online. As a result of the research process we reformulated the original idea and suggested that the concept of competencies for advisors and students must be addressed together to understand the one-to-one and dialectical correspondence that occurs in virtual learning environments.

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