El asesor a distancia: Experiencias e ideales

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

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Tutor at a Distance: Experiences and ideals • Francisco Javier Macías Mendoza


Tutoring is an essential part of the distance learning process, but this activity poses a question: Should the teacher make inquiries regarding problems students face while taking a course? Therefore, it is necessary to know, without a doubt, if common sense is enough, that is, if the teacher is self-suficient in his/her tutoring work.

It is valid to accept that, ideally, tutors help guide students so that they understand the course’s activities more clearly, because they motivate them to turn their work in on time and because they stimulate them to improve their learning methods and to tackle the course.  

Thus, as tutor and designer of teaching-learning activities, this text is meant as a very personal reflection on my part regarding educational activity and distance learning.

Key words: accompaniment, learning, management, student, tutor.