Diseño de un Modelo para Evaluar Habilidades Instrumentales de Investigación de los estudiantes del bachillerato en línea

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

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Design of a Model for the Instrumental Skills Research Evaluation in Online High School Students • Octavio Reyes López


Instrumental research skills are the operational abilities to organize work for inquiry activities, such as: formal language, cognition domain, observation, and critical thinking.  The use of language implies reading, writing and comprehension; the domain of cognitive processes involve inferences, induction, deduction, abduction, analysis, synthesis and interpretation to be applied to research activities. The integral use of these abilities along with careful examination and a proclivity to inquire, leads to the instrumental skill set to know how to observe and question. This paper describes the research design phase, which through a multivariate analysis aims to determine the significance of those factors that explain the research skills of online students.

Keywords: instrumental skills, multifactorial analysis, variables