Diseño de estrategias didácticas de reflexión-acción para la formación humanista en ambientes virtuales de aprendizaje a partir del uso de foros y coevaluaciones entre pares

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

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Didactic Strategies Design Based on Reflection-action Training for Humanist Education in Virtual Learning Environments Using Forums and Peer-to-peer Evaluations • Jorge Alfredo Blanco Sánchez* y María Guadalupe Veytia Bucheli**


The following document displays a didactic strategy following a reflecting-action methodology, created to strengthen humanistic education for High School students using a Learning Management System comprised of forums and peer-to-peer evaluations in an asynchronous learning virtual environment. Students are encouraged to debate and contrast their opinions with other classmates, in order to defend or modify their original opinions based on the discussion held.

Keywords: reflect upon, action, humanistic education, virtual learning environment