Desarrollo de habilidades investigativas de los estudiantes que cursan el bachillerato en línea

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Development of Research Skills for Students
Undertaking Online Baccalaureate Studies

Octavio Reyes López
Profesor de Tiempo Completo, Dirección de Investigación y Posgrado
Universidad Virtual del Estado de Guanajuato (UVEG)


This article represents the progress of a research project that aims to work in three stages, namely: a) Identify the factors that explain the research skills of students in a virtual context, b) Promote the development of research skills in online students, and c) Assess research skills for those undergoing a distance education program. Therefore, we will only address the issue of how to develop research skills in the area of our interest, especially of baccalaureate level students, with the aim of improving their research capacity to understand natural phenomena and propose solutions to problems in their surroundings.

Keywords: Online Students, Educational Strategies, Research Skills