Curso propedéutico “Cómo aprender en línea”: desarrollando competencias para los aspirantes del Polivirtual en el nivel medio superior

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

Undergraduate Course “How to Learn Online”: Developing Skills for the Polivirtual High School Candidates

Silvia Leticia Fernández Quiroz

Instituto Politécnico Nacional


This study describes the characteristics of the new undergrad course designed for Polivirtual high school candidates. It describes the pedagogic principals developed to increase a long term comprehension of basic digital skills, needed for distant learning students. It explains the differences between the first undergrad course, designed for the IPN (National Polytechnic Institute) distant learning high school candidates in 2008, and the 2016 course, showing the elements that were kept in the new design. The new course is part of a multiplatform strategy, which will be available in 2016 for current students, part time students, as well as, IPN distant learning high school candidates. The aim of the course is enabling sites and technological tools, so that the student community can efficiently access permanent resources that will assist them on their distant learning courses, from the moment they intend to enroll in high school till the end of their academic life.

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