Construyendo habilidades para alcanzar competencias. El curso de inducción para estudiantes del BGAI, una experiencia práctica

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

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Building skills for achieving competence. Induction course for BGAI students, a practical experience • Rossa Alessia Gutiérrez Delgado


In this article, Alessia Rossa Gutiérrez explains his experience as a consultant to participate in the Induction Course for Students of a group of workers of a company that held a contract with the School of Tonala, Jalisco.

It highlights the lack of use of technology for students, how the induction course is oriented toward developing skills that require students to successfully pursue the Bachelor General Interdisciplinary Area, and highlights the importance of changing minds, based on the development of competencies including technology tools and teaching.

Keywords: Part time system, selflearning.