Competencias docentes en educación media superior: el caso de la Universidad Virtual del Estado de Guanajuato

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

Teaching Skills in Upper Secondary Education: The Case of Universidad
Virtual del Estado de Guanajuato

María Guadalupe Veytia Bucheli
Profesor de Tiempo Completo,
División de Investigación y Posgrado
Universidad Virtual del Estado de Guanajuato


The results of a quantitative type exploratory research which took place in the Universidad Virtual del Estado de Guanajuato (UVEG) with Full Time Teachers (PTC) of upper secondary education are described; aiming to generate a diagnostic of the teaching skills used in the teaching-learning process in the virtual modality. As part of this study a theoretical search on the object of study was performed, in addition to the implementation of a survey structured by 15 items with five response options which allowed to assess the level of skills among three groups: instrumental skills (oriented to know), interpersonal skills (oriented to know-how-to-be) and systemic skills (oriented to know-how). The findings will be useful for teachers and directors, as they will enable to clearly identify both strengths and areas of opportunity, and based on this, to develop strategies to improve performance comprehensively.

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