Cinco utilidades de Facebook que pueden apoyar al docente en línea

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

Five Facebook Utilities That Can Support Teachers Online

Luis Miguel Ángel Cano Padilla
Asesor en línea de Bachillerato a Distancia,
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México


The use of social networking in education, whether formal or informal, is increasingly common today. These tools offer benefits that can be leveraged for educational purposes and involve development of skills in the use of ICTs to exchange information and ideas, and develop skills for collaborative work in distance learning programs.

Five Facebook utilities that can help teachers work online, discovered in teaching “Philosophical Problems” in the project Tepito High School “José Guadalupe Posada” are described. We worked with two groups of twenty-five students for a month, with hybrid method: two hours of in-person course time and about four daily hours of online work through a Moodle platform. Given the complexity of topics covered and / or novelty of some philosophical concepts, a Facebook page was created where additional materials could be added, regarding the content in need of reinforcement or to anchor students’ knowledge.

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