Asesoría y tutoría: los nuevos y viejos retos del docente a distancia

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Advice and Tutorial:
The new and old challenges of the distance teacher

Julia Hortensia Ramírez López
Asesora y autora para el Bachillerato Tecnológico Bivalente
Unidad Politécnica para la Educación Virtual, IPN


This is the case of a teacher at the Bachillerato Tecnológico Bivalente a Distancia of the Instituto Politecnico Nacional, as an advisor and author of online content. As an adviser, she describes the challenge of applying interaction principles and socialization of the pedagogical model for this modality, recounting teaching skills that are needed to promote personalized and motivating learning environments for the student. As an author she points out the skills she developed in working collaboratively with professionals from other disciplines. It concludes with challenges for teachers who use technology to teach and take part in distance education.

Keywords: Distance Education, Online Learning, Advise, Educational Technology, Instructional Design, Distance Baccalaureate