Asesoría Web 2.0: Los recursos tecnológicos como estrategias de enseñanza en el aula virtual del Bachillerato de la Universidad Virtual del Estado de Guanajuato (UVEG).

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

Alma Delia Ortiz Rojas
Bachillerato Virtual
Universidad Virtual del Estado de Guanajuato


Online consultancy involves guidance and promoting the learning of participants through a relationship mediated by technology. Part of the teachers’ work is to guide the use of materials produced by a team of instructional design and put resources dispersed in the network into action to enrich the learning process.
These instruments belong to the so-called Web 2.0, whose main feature is the involvement of network users as resource creators, for example, tutorial videos and conferences posted on YouTube, images, audio clips or blogs, most of them available for free.
These resources are essential to the process of online consultancy, because it requires not only the written word, but also auditory and visual elements. The consultant’s challenge is to select and create resources appropriate to commensurate the student’s needs, both cognitively and related to his preferences for learning styles.

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