Aprendamos con Tecnologías Educativas MOODLE. Una experiencia de capacitación

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

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Let’s learn with Educational Technology-MOODLE. A training experience • Concepción Sánchez Montoya y Libna Elizabeth Oviedo Castillo


This article is about  a teacher training experience, live, with on-line students who are familiar with TICS.  The author emphasizes her/his formation as a communication and electronic engineer who has worked for years in the educational field but does not consider hers/himself an expert.  At this time the author is a member of the Department of Formation in Virtual Contexts, Subdirection of Design and Development, Polyt1ecnico Unit for Virtual Education,(UPEV), Instituto  Politécnico Nacional.

Key Words: educational experience, new Technologies, Let’s Learn with Educational Technology MOODLE. A training experience.

1Graphic Design and its relevance in on-line education.
The autor tries to demonstrate that graphic design is a special discipline that supports  visual arguments, concept development and specific knowledge  in on-line education.  The article reveals that through multidisciplinary exercises,  the student can acquire knowledge enhancing tools, presented in a more accesible, strategic and directed manner. 

Key Words:  graphic design, visual arguments, on-line education, multidisciplinary, tools, knowledge.