Aplicación del Enfoque Sistémico a la educación virtual, en el modelo de la UVEG. Al generar pequeños cambios en las relaciones entre profesor y alumno se generan grandes cambios en el sistema

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

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UVEG’s Model of Application of the Systemic Approach to Virtual Education: Generating Small Changes in Teacher-Student Relationships Generates Big Changes in the System • Erika del Rocío Flores Terrones


The purpose of this article is to analyze an explain the intervention strategies that were put into practice at UVEG during the last four-month period (May-August 2011). Using the systemic approach to have a bearing on the virtual subject teacher-tutor relationship was meant to improve performance indicators and drop-out rates of UVEG students.

Key words: distance learning, systemic approach, tutors.