Aplicación de algunos principios constructivistas y comunicacionales en el diseño didáctico de unidades de aprendizaje. Análisis de una experiencia en el Instituto Politécnico Nacional

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

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Implementation of some constructivist principles and communication in the instructional design of learning units. Analysis of experience in the Instituto Politécnico Nacional • Rocío Sánchez Arellano*


In the teaching-learning process education methods have changed, along this, the use of new technologies support the educational area has be generated changes that are anew in the educational paradigms In order to generate a meaningful education it has to be born in mind that the student use study strategies which are influenced by the self –regulaion capacity as well as the learning- style. The main objective of this study was to identify the relationship between learning styles and self-regulation in the academicalperformance of the students that are in online modality of the middle level of the Digital University of the State of Mexico in the Center for Assistance and Evaluation 09 of the municipality of "San Pedro Xalostoc". The result demostrate that there is a positive corolation between self-regulation strategies and performance. But not between performance and learning-styles beside the fact that no significant differences were found in gender. The final conclusion is that students who applied a more clear self-regulation strategies sahll yield a higher academical performance and therefor skills for a meaningful learning.

Key words: Online High School, self-regulation, learning styles, performance.