Alcances y posibilidades de la educación a distancia en la sociedad del conocimiento. El caso de la Universidad Virtual del Estado de Guanajuato

Experiencias de bachillerato a distancia

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Scope and potential of distance education in the knowledge society. The case of the Universidad Virtual del Estado de Guanajuato Víctor del Carmen Avendaño Porras


The cybernetic man as such has gone from overnight to be the protagonist of all the social spaces in which to develop the human being. The momentum of distance education with his wonderful technology is becoming the preferred modality in the field of education, both formal and informal. Many universities and institutions of higher education in Mexico and courses are offered all over the Internet. In this maelstrom emerged Virtual University of Guanajuato, which is obviously a learning opportunity, as it requires addressing the challenges of a new process of public education in Mexico.

Key words: Cyber education, university, knowledge, information.